Hurricane 360 Spin Mop

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is the floor cleaning system that leaves the competition in the dust. It cleans, dries, and polishes your floors in just one easy step. Plus it will help cut your cleaning time in half and you'll never have to touch another dirty mop head again.

The Hurricane Mop contains a mop head which is made from a special microfiber material. This material can absorb up to10 times its weight to prevent dripping and cleans without leaving any streaks or smears behind. In addition, this microfiber material will pick up and collects all the dust, dirt, and hair on your floors better than ordinary mops.

This mop is super lightweight with it's alloy mop handle and can be easily maneuvered around. It can safely clean just about any type of flooring, including wood, tile, travertine, marble, and more. With the 360 degree swiveling head of the Hurricane Mop you clean corners that other mops miss. Plus the handle can lay flat for cleaning underneath the bed, couch, refrigerator and other areas without you having to behind down.

Unique to the Hurricane Spin Mop system is the Washer and Dryer Bucket with patented Centrifugal Dryer Technology. It lets you clean and dry the mop without ever having to touch the mop head yourself. Just dunk the mop a few times inside the bucket to release all the dust and dirt it collected. Then place it inside the dryer basket, and press down on the foot pedal.

This will create a centrifugal force that spins over 1,000 RPMs and dries the mop for you. Now the Hurricane Mop is ready to clean again. Just repeat as many times as needed until you have everything cleaned.

Cleaning the mop heap is simple too since you can easily detach it from the handle and throw it in the washing machine. You can machine wash the mop head up to 300 times without it wearing out.

Hurricane Spin Mop Product Video

Offer Details: Get the Hurricane Spin Mop system for just 2 payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling. It includes the Lightweight Alloy Handle, Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop Head, and Washer & Dryer Bucket. Comes with 5 year warranty.